The Last Hut by Diane Corriette

Ever wondered what it was like to be black and British in the 70s? Or who Zyanne might be? Maybe you share the fantasy of meeting Lenny Henry for coffee, or maybe you, too, have a thing for jazz musicians with brown eyes.

The Last Hut is a collection of 30 very short stories, mostly fictionalised memoirs, memories, dreams, journal entries, and stories, depicting life as a 70s teenager born to West Indian parents finding a way to grow up in multicultural Britain and beyond.

Growing up as a tomboy meant doing all the things boys did only better! I loved to climb and I loved to build. Some of this story is based on facts, in that I actually did build huts (see photo on the left), but the other stuff is made up (most of it anyway!) because the real reason I stopped building them is because I grew up and found a boyfriend.

That is me on the left in blue and it is a shame my head was cut off but I wasn’t the focus of the photo. I blanked out family faces because it just seemed more appropriate.

I used the door with the dress part of this photo as my book cover.

I do love to take events from my past and use them as inspiration for a story and I will write about what inspired each story next time.

In the meantime you can enjoy reading an extract and get yourself  a copy click the link below.

The Last Hut by Diane Corriette

CLICK HERE to get your copy of The Last Hut

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