Anxiety to peace – spiritual poetry

Tension causes worry
Worry causes fear
Fear brings on anxiety
How can God live there?

Faith opens doors
Words bring it to life
Grace causes miracles
Overcoming all your strife

Hope takes on hopelessness
Love brings you peace
Connecting in the moment
Is the choice you always keep

When life seems overwhelming
I know choice provides the key
I can choose to feel the turmoil
Or move from anxiety to peace


Anxiety to peace written by Diane Corriette

June 2012

I write poetry to remind me to stay focused on the positive and also as a reminder of the fact that my life will be a reflection of my thoughts and as I have a choice in how I choose to think it pays to focus on peace rather than dwell in anxiety.

Sometimes despite remaining positive events may not go my way and bad stuff still happens. That is inevitable. I don’t think a positive mindset exempts me from going through challenging events but I do believe it makes it easier for me to deal with them.

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