Beautiful middle age woman

Why can’t you see where your beauty lies?

Not in your body but within your eyes

Lost in confusion of how things were

Desperate for times of youth, of hope

Eternally wanting what you can’t have

Stop and ahead of you, there’s more to see

The beauty of knowing how far you’ve come

Why waste your life on what once was

And miss out on what could be

Beautiful middle aged woman

You are a joy to see

But only when you choose to be

Much more than your body

Much more than your hair

Eventually you will realize that people don’t care

They love you for what you bring to their life

As a mother, a sister, a daughter a wife

Embrace your new body and rest your tortured soul

Beautiful middle age woman, your time is now

written by Diane Corriette Jan 2010

 Beautiful middle age woman

This poem was rewritten to become one of the flash fiction stories added to my book The Last Hut and 29 other flash fiction stories.

I love writing poems for the middle age woman because it is at that time that we begin to think about the past and how things were. It can be easier to lose focus on what is great right now in our life if we are always wishing for the past which can never return.

I turned this more into a stream of consciousness in the book and expressed my wish for women to enjoy life now.

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