I lay back in the chair

The sun throws warmth onto the white landscape

Drips of snowfall from the roof

I close my eyes and take in the warmth from the sun

The electric heater whirls noisily in the background

My favourite blanket covers my legs

As I drink down the warm soup

It radiates from me – inside out.

Winter is here once again

My favourite time of the year

The starlings fight for their piece of coconut

The gold finches stick to the bird seed

Amulet, our precious cat, watches from inside.

She’s eager to get out there and do what cats do

The squirrels frighten away the wood pigeons

They want their share of the nuts

I watch the winter scene



written by Diane Corriette January 2013

There was a competition and this was my entry but as I never heard back I am assuming it didn’t get anywhere! So, I thought why not share it on the blog.

I have this fantasy about being a well paid writer who just sits and observes stuff before writing it down. I think that is where this poem is coming from although I don’t mention the writer part. I am sat, with my cat, looking out into the world and waiting for inspiration to strike. I realise that inspiration is right there in front of me and I create the poem about the scene around me. That is the great thing about writing poetry and flash fiction – you can be inspired by the simplest of things.

2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I liked this a lot. A couple comments. The line “The electric heater whirls noisily in the background” seems out of place and without purpose to the feeling of the poem.

    And, I thought the punctuation on “Amulet. Our precious cat. Watches from Inside.” to be distracting.

    Other than that, a really good job.



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