Watching weather raindrops

zestizm diane corriette

I love watching weather
Inside in the rain
The toast is outstanding
Forgotten the pain
As wind swirls so loudly
It muffles the sound
Of tears flooding proudly
They slip to the ground
I love watching rain drops
Like thoughts in my mind
It helps if the pain stops
Unravelling, unwind

Today’s daily prompt is on rain

4 thoughts on “Watching weather raindrops

  1. Beautiful poem. Maybe later, after the unwinding, you’ll be ready for “Singing in the Rain”. I used to sing that song to my babies.


    1. Thanks Rob. I loved that song too. Mainly because its a reminder to enjoy the rain – I always hated it growing up. Hated if I got caught in it. Now I can appreciate the joys of having fun in the rain and being washed by mother nature!


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