I set myself free

Life. so great for some. So hard for others.
Frustrations of wanting what hasn’t happened
Anger at waiting for what isn’t coming
We believe we need more
That belief keeps us stuck
Complaining about what is
Wanting what should be
Should life be this miserable?
Is it meant to be such a struggle?
Our self-imposed prision
Waiting for release
Maybe misery is optional
Time to stop planning and let go
Time to stop waiting. Be okay with what is
Released from the burden of need
I set myself free

I set myself free

written by Diane Corriette December 2012


I wrote this spiritual poem about releasing myself from  self-imposed limits and choosing happiness. When I let go of the need for all the stuff I believed I needed in order to be happy life changed. I relaxed a little more and I enjoyed being around people. I know now that experiences and enjoying experiences with other people is far more important to me than anything I could buy myself. Maybe its just getting older and the challenges that this brings with life – including attending funerals of people who are far too young to pass – that made me begin to realise that health and happiness really is the most powerful thing I can focus on in life.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer. A great home, a wonderful car, being able to pay for vacations and whatever I choose to buy myself. I still very much want all of that in my life but this time its my number two priority rather than number one – because of that I believe I set myself free.

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