The all or none way of thinking that ruins self-confidence

In my days when I suffered from a lack of self-confidence I recognized this all or none way of thinking.

Either I exercised every day for an hour or I did no exercise at all.

Either I ate healthy foods every day or none at all. If I go on a diet and eat well then go out and eat some bad foods there is no point in eating well every again.

It is this all or none way of thinking that ruins self-confidence because when you slip up you think it is not worth continuing.

I tried to assertively speak to my boss and it didn’t work so I won’t bother again….

I want to swim with dolphins but I don’t have enough money to go on holiday… I tried saving but then I had to use it on paying for a bill so it is not worth aiming for that goal anymore.

Do you have an all or none way of thinking that is keeping you stuck?

A balanced perspective says yes I messed up but I will pick myself up and start again.

I found when I started again I did so from a much stronger position.

Try starting again on your goal. Plan it out again if it didn’t go to plan and you will find it helps you rebuild your self-confidence towards the dream you desire

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