Never sleep but whisper

A friend bought herself a pack of magnetic words. Great fun for putting words together and coming up with a poem or two…

I have found that if I put the words in a different order then it provides a great writing prompt. You can play with words and come up with sentences that then spark inspiration to continue writing. I play with the different lines. For example on the two lines that say ‘raw like…’ and ‘fast like…’ both lines could have a completely different word on the end turning the meaning of the poem into something different.

That is the great thing about the way a person writes – we all have our own games or techniques to inspire us and I have found this one works.

Below is the full poem in case you find it difficult to see the image above.

Never sleep but whisper

never sleep but whisper lust

beneath the bitter sun

we ache together

a bare picture of blue shadows

raw like music

fast like death

6 thoughts on “Never sleep but whisper

    1. Thank you, it was fun too. A great way to have fun playing with words. I am going to get myself some because I thought it might help if I ever have writers block.


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