The Power Within

Stirring within is power you hold

Open your eyes and heart. Let it unfold

Tap deep within you cry tears for the past

No longer needed. What takes place will last.

For fear’s an illusion and doubt causes pain

Your life filled with limits its yanking your chain

Take hold of each moment and make it your own

Only then will you know you have truly grown

Our life is so precious, our time here so brief

Negative thoughts are really the thief

If they stop you from living it is something you choose

To ignore what you know is to decide that you lose

So take just one moment to stop and to feel

The strength that’s within you provides all the zel

And with those new feelings your energy will rise

Your new found confidence a wonderful suprise

While everyone around you wonders how this could be

That someone so cared is suddenly so free

To live in the moment to laugh and to love

To feel so amazing, true gifts from above

Just take the first step it is all that you need

And trust that the process will help you succeed


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