Relax your way into self-confidence

I swear by relaxation. Couldn’t get through the day without taking a moment to relax.

Don’t think you have to sit for hours and chant to get the most out of being totally relaxed.

I can close my eyes for two minutes and just sit there while inhaling deeply and focusing on one word – usually “Peace” – the word is to stop my mind from thinking about everything I have to do.

One person I love to relax to is Fridik Karlson. I often put one of his tunes on and focus on listening to the music while relaxing. My favourite album is Good Morning and the first song of that album is called Morning Bliss. It is nine minutes long and when I listen to it I either

  • focus on my goal of the day
  • say an affirmation
  • focus on my big picture goal
  • allow thoughts to run through my head

You don’t have to have any agenda except to want to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. You will be amazed at the little things you can do for yourself on a day to day basis that will make the biggest difference.

If you have tried meditation but find focusing on it for 30 minutes doesn’t work for you or you can’t stop all the thoughts in your head then start smaller.

Remember this year is all about progress so start with stopping for 2-3 minutes and breathing deeply. If you did that every day you will notice a difference after several months. You will find that when you are stressed out you will be able to stop, breathe and let it go.

Of course if you stop for 2-3 minutes two or three  times a day then you will feel the results faster.

Using Words To Trigger Relaxation

I couldn’t believe the difference just breathing made to my well-being at times of frustration or anger. Eventually, I went one step further and would let go of whatever was frustrating me replacing my frustration with a powerful affirmation or just a word. I find the word “Peace” is really good at relaxing me and helping me to let go of frustration.

You need to find your word – something that will trigger you to relax and let go. I had a client who loves to say “relax” and another who uses the word “calm” – what will your word be?

Feel free to share it in the comments below, maybe it will help someone else come discover their word too. If your confidence is low maybe “confidence” could be your one word that you repeat as you spend time listening to relaxing music. Just put the tune on (whichever tune you pick make it instrumental only, no lyrics) breath deeply and repeat your one word.

Just TWO MINUTES if you want to start slowly, or do it for as long as your song plays. Use the same song every time so your mind learns to relax whenever it hears that particular song.

In an effort to learn how to build self confidence you really don’t have to take on all the huge tasks at once. Little things can make a huge difference too.

Very soon I will be providing a long list of “little things” that you can use, they don’t have to take you a whole load of time to do and with consistent use they have the potential to make a huge difference to your confidence.

I will add links to the different blog posts under the Confidence Building Handbook so you can read it.

3 thoughts on “Relax your way into self-confidence

  1. I love smooth Jazz too Eva. I also enjoy listening to the sounds of nature like the sea or birds.
    My one word when I focus is always “balance”


  2. I just listened to those tunes and they sound great. I like to use classical music to help me relax, especially vivaldi but i don’t have a one word to say yet.


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