Zeigeist : Addendum

This video called Zeitgeist: Addendum is the second in a trio of films by Peter Joesph that are freely distributed and seek to free us from mental slavery (in the words of Bob Marley!)

The first one is all about the central banks of America but these two were my favorite. The first video focuses on debt and claims that every dollar produced is attached with debt and the money that pays for the debt comes from the central bank which basically means its one big self generating circle of debt.

The second video focuses on something so amazingly profound it will change the way you look at money, your job, and life itself.

If you continue to look into this area you will become so changed by everything that you discover your only option will be to transform your way of living.

It’s not short. Not everyone gets through it. But those who are ready to hear this message will not only watch it but they will be compelled to tell others – which is why I included this page.

Zeitgeist : Addendum Was Created by Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph is an American independent filmmaker who wrote, directed, narrated and produced three non-commercial freely-distributed documentary films called Zeitgeist: The Movie,Zeitgeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.

He is also the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement. (click to visit their site)

If you are interested in learning more you can find the Zeitgeist Movement in your country and local area.

There is a PDF Companion Source Guide that is a few hundred pages long but well worth looking through.


Zeitgeist : Moving Forward focuses on doing just that. Continuing to move forward

Some of my favorite quotes of the movie

“This Shits Got To Go…..” LMAO

“Money causes 100 times more distortion than it does contribution”

“What good is a social system if it doesn’t promote happiness?”

Here are a few things that might blow your mind

Nothing is genetic when it comes to diseases and yet we are programmed to believe it is so, my mother keeps telling me to watch out I don’t get diabetes because she has it. I tell her I will never suffer from any illness that she had – I refuse to believe because she has it I will. I believe because of my upbringing and the way I was taught to eat I could influence diabetes in my life unless I am willing to change that path  – which I have.

Addiction. People are addicted to so much more than just drugs or alcohol, they are addicted to things like profit. Tobacco companies make a lot of money and they are rewarded for that while killing human beings.

What creates addiction in people is their susceptibility to it and it all starts when we are in the womb. Being stressed while pregnant can make a child more susceptible to addiction.

Wealth & Money. We are convinced that we need more material things to be happy but this is not true. So why do we continue to buy? We have been taught to be fools. A value system that conditions us based on our environmental stimulus. From a young age we are taught that if we get more ‘stuff’ then our friends then our status is stronger and we are better than they are.

The whole video is an eye opener, get yourself a cup of coffee and take a long lunchbreak because at over 2 hours you will need time to watch it.

Money is materalised from debt. Interest is charged on all loans and the money needed to pay that back is not available. Debt creates wage slaves because you work to pay your debt and will take low pay. In developing countries the World banks lend money knowing the country can’t pay it back, they then set up sweat shops and take that countries natural resources as payment.

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