Confidence building exercises part 1

In this section I want to provide you with a few confidence building exercises you can take part in to help you with what we have covered so far. I want to help you make things happen, but first here is a summary.

By reading confidence building and success – you now appreciate the link between growing your confidence and living a successful life (what you define as successful is up to you) – we mentioned setting goals and taking small steps.

Exercise: Think about something you can’t do right now but would love to. Keep it fairly low key at the beginning. If asking a guy out on a date fills you with dread don’t pick that. Choose something like going to the cinema on my own.

Decide on something that will be a minor achievement and write it down.

Write down 3-5 of them. As you build your confidence and you feel ready to attempt them simple cross them off until they are all done.

Set a time limit if you want to, e.g. within the next six months. It is important you work at your pace, don’t make it too soon but don’t put it so far off you will forget about it.

Going through the importance of personal growth and unlocking your personal power will have helped you understand that acceptance of who you are right now is the key to start.

It doesn’t mean you want to stay that way – we all have room for improvement but you must accept where you are now, what has happened up to this point and who you are. Accept them even if you don’t like them.

This is really, really important.

You have to accept that this is who you are and you intend to do some work on improving who you are and getting to a place that you want to be.

In building your confidence we went through some of life’s experiences that will stop you from changing your negative habits. These are not only other people and events but also yourself. You are your own worse enermy and recognizing that is important to move forward.

Then finally you were told that the only way this will happen is if you have a HUGE WHY – a reason to keep you on this path.

If you took the time to read the 7 confidence building tips you will also want to know your purpose, values, needs, passion and more.

Armed with all this information

  • Your goals of where you want to be
  • Your 3-5 things you want to do
  • Accepting where you are right now with the intention of changing it
  • Being ready to unlock your personal power by building your self confidence
  • Recognizing some of the negative patterns that may stop you from successfully changing the way your life is now
  • Making a list of your WHY. Your reason for doing this
  • Taking the time to discover what your purpose and passion is

You are now ready to learn how to build your self confidence.

I recommend you don’t move any further forward until you have the above 7 things.

Some of them will take a few hours to think about and some of them may take you a few months. That doesn’t matter – with these in place you have a solid foundation to build on.

You don’t have to know with absolute certainity what your life purpose is but you at least need to be in the conversation that you are opening to finding out. Knowing your life purpose is the only one out of all of these that may take you time to discover and as your confidence grow it may change.

Most of what you put on your list will probably change and you may find what was important isn’t any more.

You are not looking for the PERFECT answer here, you just want answers based on where you are right now.

I hope you find this confidence building exercise useful and watch out for more.

2 thoughts on “Confidence building exercises part 1

  1. Acknowledging and accepting what you want to change is an important first step Ellie so congratulations on making that journey and thank you for the update. It is so great to know that you are making progress. Keep up the great work and I appreciate your efforts in leaving a comment.


  2. I know myself to be a very withdrawn person so I set myself a goal to talk to one different personal at work every day for a month. That was last month – now I have 2 people that I speak to on a regular basis and sometimes we even go out to lunch. I have worked in my office for over 3 years and always sat at my desk at lunch so its nice to have people to go out with. I will keep working through your exercises and making more of an effort to comment (I don’t usually) and keep you up to date.


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