Change your life with present moment living

What does it mean to live in the moment and how can you change your life with present moment living?

I want you to do something for me, read the next sentence then stop reading just for a second and follow the instructions.

Take a deep breath in and out, loosen your jaw and close your eyes. Do that for however long you like or until the first thought interrupts you.

When you do that you have just spent a second or two living in the present moment. This moment right now where you don’t have to think about what you will eat for dinner tonight or you are not focused on an event that upset you that happened yesterday. Can you see the benefits of it? Can you see how you can change your life with present moment living?

Without the constraints of the past and the worries of the future bothering us we free ourselves up and can relax. There is nothing to think about beause the only moment we have is this one right here. Does that bring you a sense of relief? It certainly did for me when I first began looking into present moment living.

I used this myself when I found myself being fearful about a bill that needed to be paid and I didn’t have the money to do it. I would simply stop and breathe. I couldn’t sort that problem out then and there anyway plus being fearful blocks opportunities and guidance that my soul will send to me to help sort it out. After all, I was in that position in the first place to learn my lessons about money and my relationship to it – and being fearful only kept the lesson in place.

Present moment living helped me stay present and await opportunities. They always came. Sometimes money would be sent to me or an opportunity to earn a little extra (I am self employed) would come my way.

When you live in the moment what you desire can be drawn into you. It is only in those moments of living right now that you can experience it.  Over time you can also experience feeling divine love – when you are in the moment feeling love from God nothing is more rewarding or can have a greater impact on your life.

It can also help if you, like me, find yourself living in the future.  Living in the future examples include saying things like

  • when I lose weight I will be happy
  • when I am making all the money I want my life can start
  • when I reach this goal or that goal things will be perfect

I swapped constantly focusing on went wrong in the past for constantly thinking my life would start at some point in the future. Now I live life in the moment. Neither in one or the other but enjoying where I am right now.

This is going to take some practise but you can use your “All Fab Journal” to write out the moments when you find yourself living in the past or future and look for opportunities to learn, lessons about the way you are currently living your life that do not fit into being the divine presence that you are.

Your only job if you want to change your life with present moment living is to see what opportunities there are to learn inside of those lessons. It may not always be evident immediately but after a few weeks or months of writing and as long as you constantly stay open to receiving the lesson it will come to you.

The great news is once the lesson has been learnt the challenge will stop and you have taken another step on your altogether fabulous journey.

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