What Is Your Life Force?

There is an energy that surrounds us, not just us as humans but plant life, animals and now scientist have proven even objects (yes, your chair has an energy field!)

For us humans we have created many names to describe this energy but the one thing we all agree on is that a connection to it sustains us and without it we live a life full of pain, suffering and fear (all of which are actually optional!)

There are people who believe there is only ONE name for this energy and that name depends on their religious beliefs

There are those of us who are spiritual and open to universal source, divine energy and other names

Then there are those who have no connection to anything they would want to call spiritual but are open to the possibility that something bigger than themselves exists. They may refer to it as a higher self, super-ego etc

Then if you want to go a stage further than that there are those who make up a name for whatever this “thing” is because they are not ready to call it anything already mentioned.

What you decide to call this energy is up to you – the way to connect to it is to at least start by being open to it’s existence. You don’t need belief in it right now you just need to suspend disbelief. Once you have gone through this stage you move along until you are ready to call it something much higher.

Names For Our Life Force (if you know of any more feel free to leave a comment)

  • Life Force
  • God
  • Angels
  • Higher  Self
  • Energy
  • Ying & Yang
  • Super ego
  • Super Conscious
  • Consciousness
  • Divine energy
  • Divinity
  • Oneness
  • Source
  • Formless Substance
  • Spirit
  • Soul
  • Chi
  • Universal Source

Ultimately our aim is to connect to our own greatness and it is by utilizing the power of our life force that we can make this happen.

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