Let no one enter your inner kingdom unless they come with love

“Let no one enter your inner kingdom unless they come with love” is a quote from Wayne Dyer’s book Your Sacred Self.  I love that book and am re-reading it right now.  It is real easy to allow someone to affect your mood, the teen who is constantly moody, the person at work who is always negative, your friend who is always complaining.  You allow their mood to control how you feel and may even begin to mirror their state and begin to feel exactly the same way – but it doesn’t have to be like that.

When you refuse to allow the negative emotions of others entry you will soon find yourself unaffected by anything a person says/does – you will let them continue with their current mood/attitude, you may even make an attempt to pick them up but when they walk away you will be left feeling as happy as you were before they arrived.

How do you make that happen for yourself? Well, as Dr Dyer said, you just don’t let them in!

It’s not me…. It’s Them!

It is easy to live in a world where you believe your feelings are controlled by some one else.

“Peter makes me so mad”

“Donna always embarrasses me”

“Mark annoys me because he won’t do as I say”

What you have to remember in every instance is that no one has the power to do anything TO you but YOU can allow them to affect your mood. When you really understand that you will have a major shift in the way that you think and behave because suddenly you will have complete awareness to the fact that you are in charge of you!

The way that you view how people affect you will change to….

“I allow what Peter does to make me so mad”

“I allow what Donna says to embarrass me”

“I let the fact that Mark won’t do as I say annoy me”

Taking Responsibility For Your Own Moods!

When you move responsibility onto yourself you will gain a sense of personal power because you now accept that if you allow it to happen then you can choose to not allow it to happen and with choice comes power!

Are you going to allow what Peter does to make you mad? The choice is yours, you can still get mad at whatever it is he is doing but you are now aware of the fact that you are choosing to get mad and stay mad. That anger is all your choice.

Now let’s tackle Donna. What has she said this time? Why are her words embarrassing you? You can look at what it is that Donna says and what it triggers inside you. When you find the trigger the words have less effect. Even if you never find the trigger all you really need to do is tell yourself that if you are embarrassed then it’s down to you – because you are choosing to be that way. What would happen if you choose to make what Donna says make you laugh instead?

Even the mild annoyance you feel when Mark won’t do as he is told is NOT down to Mark, he is just busy doing whatever it is he is doing (or not doing in this case) and that annoys you.

Everything that everyone does and your reaction to it is a choice made by you

You take back your power when you learn to rid yourself of the belief that other people have any control over your emotions. In fact if anyone ever asks you “what’s the matter, am I annoying you?” you can let them know that nothing they do can annoy you without your permission.

No one has power over your emotions unless you choose to let them in!

A strong position to be in is the ability to decide what you let in and what you keep out. When someone approaches you and they are happy, uplifted, expressing love, then of course you want to choose to let that in and allow their mood to affect you! There is nothing more wonderful than sharing energy with someone who is happy because when both of you are happy you are able to lift each other and anyone around you.

Your inner self can never be destroyed unless you let it. This is how people survived slavery and concentration camps, because they realised that they had complete control over the way they thought and reacted to their cirumstances, they understood that no one could take over their mind no matter how much control they had over their body.

What you need to make this work for you is awareness, acceptance and choice. All of these things are available to you right now in this moment, you do not need to go off and read a book, listen to an audio or attend a seminar, you just need to be aware how the actions of a certain person makes you feel, you accept that this negative feeling is something you are choosing to feel and you make a choice to not let it in. If you do let it in then you accept that this was your choice.

“Let no one enter your inner kingdom unless they come with love”

Make that your choice from today

2 thoughts on “Let no one enter your inner kingdom unless they come with love

  1. Thanks for the response Dee. I am glad it made a difference to you. You don’t always have to remove people, they will naturally disappear when they see they cannot get to you. In fact people like that are great teachers for your own personal growth. Removing them makes it easy for you, being able to be with them and not be affected by them is a far more powerful way to grow. Trust me, as you grow they will disappear! You know that old saying misery loves company, well when misery sees that it is in great company it hates that 🙂

    Stay blessed


  2. Diane, that message was so powerful. Where I am right now it is so poignant thats why I need to remove the person who has come into my life and cannot show any care, love or joy. Its just making me focus on finding myself and that I should only allow those who are coming into my life with love because I have so much to give and more.

    All the best



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