My brothers girlfriend is disgusted with me because I told her I want a man

Since my last “relationship” last year I decided that celebacy is the only way forward. Just stay without it (“it” being sex and men) because life is just easier (loads of limiting beliefs in that sentence I know but bear with me it gets worse 🙂 )

Then I told my brothers girlfriend that I want a man in my life and she was completely disgusted with me. How could I want a man? She just couldn’t understand it. It seems I had shattered some fantasy for her in which I was super efficient wonder woman and needed no one.

Why is it that people think that about women who like to be independent? I thought it was actually only the men I dated that thought that way. Eventually the conversation about “not being good enough” would come up because some how me wanting to be a sistah that does it for herself was too much for them.

Somehow being an independent woman equals needing no one and yet it actually means the complete opposite – for me anyway – because being independent means more than ever I really value someone being by my side to share things with and to talk things through.

This sistah loves doing it for herself when it comes to business but I really don’t want to end up a sistah doing it for herself in any other way….. if you know what I mean 😉

2 thoughts on “My brothers girlfriend is disgusted with me because I told her I want a man

  1. Diane,
    You can be assured that if I lived in England I’d be doing my best to having you consider spending some time together. And, during such engagements I’d be doing my best to ‘encourage’ you to strengthen your independence! What’s going on with the men over there…?… Hello, guys are you listening?!

    I, (subjectively) love a strong, independent lady that appreciates and loves the comfort of ‘sharing’ her insights with an emotional and understanding hu-‘Man’.

    And, I can just imagine that if your brother’s girlfriend were to loose him, she’d get your point also.

    best always… your U.S. buddy,


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