Its funny how easy we resist our own destiny

I typed that line in an email I was sending today

“It’s funny how easy we think it is to resist our own destiny rather than go for it! “

I was talking about my on again off again journey with stepping forward to have my book published and to begin spreading the word of how joyful life can become when we take the time to discover the greatness within and spend time developing a relationship with God (or Source).

I have been one of the most stubborn advocates of that by continually moving away to do work that I decided was best for me and not thinking about Gods plan for my life, but the thing is it never went away. From the moment Inspirational Guidance came to life in 2000 and then I found my souls purpose of discovering greatness my calling has been to share this with the world but I’ve resisted.

The resistance came from not knowing how to share it, what to do, not wanting to be out there talking about it. The insecure child in me doesn’t like being looked at and doesn’t want to do it…… and yet there is a greater part of me that keeps getting called back. This is in my blood and I truly believe it is what God has planned for me.

There are 24 hours left of 2008 and I made a promise to God in April 2008 to do whatever he asked of me and in the last few days he has revealed His plan to me about what I need to do next about getting my book out into the world, which has excited and scared me all at the same time.

Discovering Greatness Experiencing Joy is about my journey towards self realization that I will share with you. It’s about how ultimately destiny will always call you no matter how much you resist and most of all it will be about how easy we think it is to resist our own destiny rather than go for it!

Because the book is about my own journey towards self realization I have to go through it in order to write about it and from the plan that was revealed I realized that I already have experienced a great deal of it and I am on the final part ….. being able to bring into reality everything I desire by thought, faith and action.  This is the part I will focus on mastering on a consistent and regular basis. Manifesting what I intend not what life throws at me!

To help me with that I am re-listening to the Science of Getting Rich (which starts on this blog from January 1st 09) and I am also thinking about recording The Master Key by Charles Haanel which is a book in public domain (which means anyone can use it.) I am going to look at putting it on audio and breaking it down one chapter at a time. The Master Key is the book that inspired the movie The Secret and is all about the law of attraction but I prefer to call that the manifestation of our intentions.

Your intentions are powerful. What you intend to bring into your life through your thoughts will always appear so intend great things for yourself.

My desire for you as we leave 2008 and start 2009 is that you receive everything you desire so think positive and dream big.

I want to leave you with the words of Dr Wayne Dyer from his EXCELLENT book “The Power of Intention” and I leave them for anyone who has a desire they have yet to see fulfilled.

“The book that you’re now holding in your hands [The Power of Intention] and all the information it contains, was once a formless idea residing in the invisible domain of the field of intention. I managed to make my own vibrational energy march up to the all creating Source, and allowed these words and ideas to flow through me directly to you. You’re holding in your hands evidence that anything we can conceive of in our minds – while staying in harmony with the universal all-creating Source – can and must come to pass”

Dr Wayne Dyer from his book The Power Of Intention

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