What Is Self Realization?

There are two terms I use on here that I wanted to explain so that you have a clear understanding of where I am coming from. They are self realization and personal growth.

What is Self Realization?

My definition is that self realization is the step that happens after personal growth. It’s the ultimate ending and yet the very beginning because we reach a very important time in our life when we not only understand intellectually about our very nature being spirit and our need to return to Source but we actually use it experientially – in other words we learn by LIVING it.

We allow God to guide us and spend more time in a state of constant love and joy.  It’s one thing to understand that God can provide us with everything we desire (intellect) it’s a completely different thing to actual use that understanding so that everything you desire actually SHOWS UP in your life (experiential)

I hit the moment of self realization when I realized that I was spending my life searching for something and I was actually searching for myself. Of course I went on to deny it for a few more years because I’m stubborn like that 🙂 and when I re-connected I did so powerfully, this time including an intimate relationship with God. My experience turned to pure joy.

What Is Personal Growth?

Personal Growth is the step before self realization when we are learning about who we are.

How our inner world plays a part in shaping our outer world.

Our purpose for being here.

The games we play that keep us stuck.

Our limiting beliefs and the way we control others.

Our thoughts and how they impact our life and experience.

It’s about self improvement. Improvement of our own self. Many times doing this alone (without God)

Its a process of identifying and healing what isn’t working so that we can continually grow and transform our current way of thinking, feeling and behaving to something more empowering.

It’s about finding our untapped talents and bringing them forth into our lives so that we can enjoy a more creative, spiritual and fulfilled life.

When we don’t grow or improve on who we are it’s easy to stay stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled. Many people die that way.

Years of personal growth helps you to connect to your inner self and many people then begin a spiritual journey. It’s the spiritual journey that leads you onto an understanding of the awesome power of the universe (or formless substance as Wallace D Wattles from the Science of Getting Rich likes to call it) which naturally leads on to self realization.

Remember this is my own personal definition of what self realization and personal growth is and I write from this perspective. There is no one way or right way to explain what is a very personal experience. Personal development is about the development of a person and we are all very different so it will mean different things for different people.

When I started my spiritual journey I read something very powerful from Iylana Vanzant which was “Find Your Own Interpretation of The TRUTH”

I invite you to do the same. Don’t take on everything I say and believe it. Use what feels right for you and discard what doesn’t. This is your personal journey of self discovery and no one can tell you how that should turn out.

In all of this remember. Our journey is not a straight path. We can slip off our path and have to correct ourselves to get back on it.

I fell off my path in a major way in 2006 until April 2008 when God whispered in my ear “You don’t think that what you are doing now is really what you are supposed to be doing do you?” – at that time I was on a quest to make money on the web.

I had forgotten myself spiritually and went in the pursuit of money. I had left Inspirational Guidance behind and it’s purpose of empowering women to find passion and purpose. I stopped connecting with Source and lived in my head where I planned mentality what I wanted to do. My plans didn’t work out and it put me in the worst position of my life and yet the best because (to quote Willie Jolley) I realized that this set back was a setup for a comeback!

God reminded me that he had a plan for me and now here I am doing His work.


“To rise above the duality of creation and perceive the unity of the Creator was conceived of as man’s highest goal.” Paramahansa Yogananda


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