Two more deaths because of debt

This really is getting scary. The number of people who believe that the only option they have is to take their life because of debt.

Did you know that if you rang your credit card company and asked them if you could pay a token payment for a few months they would have little option but to say yes! Even if that payment was £1 a month.

The first death was a 34 year old student who had £40,000 on credit cards and the second a father who took his own life by cutting his throat.

Nothing ever needs to be that bad that you take your own life…. really! Talk to the national debt helpline and find out your options.

If any of the staff at any of the companies that you owe money to are rude or disrespectful immediately tell them you want to speak to someone else. I don’t care how much money you owe no one has the right to speak to you in any manner that isnt 100% helpful.

The worst that can happen is you go through IVA or bankruptcy… and I say that is the worst when compared to taking your own life.

Please talk to someone, get help, ring the people you owe money to and pay them a nominal amount. As long as each month you pay something small they can not accuse you of non payment.

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