Am I A Steve Pavlina Wanna Be?

I received an email about my re-connection to all things personal development and was asked if I was just trying to be a Steve Pavlina wanna be…. I had to laugh out loud (and then ROFL!)

Steve Pavlina (in case you have been in outer space and are not familiar with him) can be found at – he writes personal development material, asks for donations (not sure if he still does actually) and is now a published author.

Our message – while similar – is very different because its written from two different societal perspectives. I definitely write from a woman’s perspective and he (not being a woman) definitely doesn’t! Our message is the same when it comes to living your purpose, discovering your own interpretation of the Truth and living authentically but I’m more entertaining than he is 🙂 (it’s good to pop your own collar you know!)

Am I a Steve Pavlina wanna be? No. I’m not. I am already Steve Pavlina… I’ve just been a little slower at getting my message out there! Who I definitely am though is me and everything that goes with that.

Thanks for asking


Personal Growth Coach and a woman in her own right 😉

2 thoughts on “Am I A Steve Pavlina Wanna Be?

  1. I put a comment that said awww sucks…. but of course I meant awww… SHUCKS! 🙂

    Teach me and my English ways to try and use American English! LOL

    I’m so embarrased !!!!


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